Sunday, February 28, 2010


After watching "The Wizard of Apps" I am not sure if I learned anything or just became more confused about everything on the internet. I know that there are ways to do many things on the internet, but knowing about so many resources is still overwhelming. The video is going to be a nice resource to go back to when I am trying to figure out something out that was shown in the video.

I am not a person who likes a lot of change, so having to learn about so many sites in one hour just went over my head. I suppose if I spent time exploring all of the sites she explained about in the wizard of apps that I would feel like I learned a little bit, but just seeing it once is not the way I learn.

I will try and go back through the vedio to better understand the tip given throughout the video. Maybe with spending more time on it I will be able to catch on to some of the applications that will be helpful for keeping my classroom organized and my students constantly learning more than I could possibly imagine.

The slideshow was a helpful tool to use along with the video. It slows down the applications that are shown to us in the video so that we are able to see them at our own speed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Make Promises Happen Voicethread on Ski Trip

I recently created a voicethread on a trip I took with a group called Make Promises Happen to go skiing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Digiworld that effects Digiteens

Digiteens: Digital Citizen Ship by Digital Teenagers was an interesting video. It showed different projects that were done by teenagers having to do with being a teen in a world surrounded by technology. One group did research on how DWT kills enough people to be considered as bad as a DUI. Another group learned about making a Sims type game online, and another group discussed how teens don't realize what they put on the Internet is there forever and accessible to everyone.
I personally have lost a friend in a car wreck, and he was doing nothing wrong when he was hit and died instantly on impact due to someone Else's carelessness. I realize how just a split second of not paying attention can affect your life and someone Else's. I don't think people think about the fact that it is not just their life they are putting at risk, but also the other drivers around them.
I hope that I can teach the kids in my class about being safe with the technology that surrounds them. They need to realize that the Internet is accessible to just about everyone and what they have fun putting on the Internet now might come back to haunt them in the long run.

Project Learning... or learning through fun Projects!

This video shows different schools that are teaching kids in new ways. They have the students doing projects that interest the students instead of making them learn and memorize things from textbooks. Keeping the students interested makes them want to learn instead of hating going to school.
I am one who likes to learn by experiencing instead of having to learn from a textbook. One of my favorite classes in high school was Show Choir, because we were learning while doing. I did not have to study all the time for the class, because we learned there in the classroom. We did learn about the history of music, but it was while we were singing that type of music that we learned the background of what we were singing about.
I hope that I will be a class that my students will want to come to. I want to be an interesting teacher that does not bore my students into hating school. I hope that I can find interesting ways to teach everything that I will be teaching, especially because there are not always textbooks for all classes that are taught in special education.