Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Screen Cast

Today I made a screen cast using screenr. I recorded my voice while screenr recorded my screen, and by doing this I can show someone how to do something on the computer without having to be with them. Instread I can record a simple instruction and they can figure it out by watching my screen on their screen and following my directions. My screen cast today shows how to add a location onto a google map that you have made.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I like the life I have!

Today I wathched a video on a program called second life. It seems that it is based in London and it is an avatar world that many people can interect and create a "second life" for themselves.
I personally don't find it interesting to sit and control something on a computer that I am pretending to be me. I would rather go out in the real world and experience real life first hand and not through a computer screen. Maybe I'm just a courntry girl that likes being outside, but I get frustrated when I have to be on a coputer for too long.
The entire video was about how complicated it can be if you miss something and how crucial learning certain things are. It seemed that it was way too hectic to really capture any users but instead they are scaring their users away. It was very hard for me to understand, and it gave me no further interest to try it out.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Petcha Kutcha

I put pictures together that I took or that I got from compfight.com and put them into a short presentation that I will be presenting in Petcha Kutcha style. Petcha Kutcha is a presentation of 20 slides that have 20 seconds per slide. My presentation was over a camp called Make Promises Happen that takes place in Guthrie, Oklahoma at Central Christian Camp and Conference centers. I presented this presentation in class.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Candy Survey

I made a survey in google docs that had three types of questions that my classmates took for me. My survey was about peoples favorite kinds of candy. The first Question was multiple choice about the type of candy they prefer. Out of the seven that took the survey one chose gummies, and the rest chose chocolate. For my open ended question I asked what their all time favorite type of candy was. Everyone except the person who liked gummies put a type of chocolate candy bar for their favorite kind. The one repeated the most was Reeces Peanut Butter Cups which are my favorite as well. My last question was a select all that apply where I listed out different types of candy for them to tell me which ones they liked. Again all but the person who liked the gummy candies chose multiple choices for the kinds of candy they like. Even the chocolate lovers still seem to like other types of candy like the gummies and hard candies.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sam i am Not!

It amazes me how so many school aged kids, know so much more technology than I do. In Digital Youth Portrait: Sam, Sam is a young teen that know how to use technology pretty well. She makes videos with her friends, and uses her computer to make them unique. Sam enjoys exploring technology, which is not really usual for many kids because they usually don't want to take the time to learn on their own.

I was always involved in school, so I never seemed to have the time to be all technical because I was too busy with my sports practices, show choir, and all the clubs I was involved in. I don't recall my school having any clubs or activities that had to do with technology except for CATV, which was a show made by students that showed every friday about things going on in the schol, and announcements that needed to be made to the school. I always thought it would be fun to be a part of CATV, but it was a class and I already had my class schedule full.

I would like my students to be able to use technlogy. I hope that they can get it all figured out so that maybe they can help me figure it out. i hope that i can if nothing else, teach my students that knowledge is power so that they will want to learn. Hopefuly they will be like Sam and take the time to learn on their own, so that when they get into the real world they will have the power of knowledge to get them through their life.

Wiki Wiki What??

Parallel Play or Collaboration–Leveraging the Wiki Platform for High Quality Work is an overview of everything you can do on a wiki.It was hard to watch because it showed someone working on a wiki, but it was blurry and hard to see what she was acctually doing. I do not have nor do i use a wiki, but I think they would be a good resource to use within a classroom. I realize that it is online resources that students now can identify with in a world that is going a great speeds due to technology.
I was not completely in the generation of technology. I grew up having an computer and an E-mail account but I did not use the Internet much. Now as I am learning to use the Internet in more and different ways, I am realizing that I am behind in the knowledge that kids now have of the Internet. Wiki's are ways for students to do things on their level of work.
To help my students learn at the rate that technology is going it might be helpful to make a wiki for my students to use in ways that they can learn in a collaborative way.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


After watching "The Wizard of Apps" I am not sure if I learned anything or just became more confused about everything on the internet. I know that there are ways to do many things on the internet, but knowing about so many resources is still overwhelming. The video is going to be a nice resource to go back to when I am trying to figure out something out that was shown in the video.

I am not a person who likes a lot of change, so having to learn about so many sites in one hour just went over my head. I suppose if I spent time exploring all of the sites she explained about in the wizard of apps that I would feel like I learned a little bit, but just seeing it once is not the way I learn.

I will try and go back through the vedio to better understand the tip given throughout the video. Maybe with spending more time on it I will be able to catch on to some of the applications that will be helpful for keeping my classroom organized and my students constantly learning more than I could possibly imagine.

The slideshow was a helpful tool to use along with the video. It slows down the applications that are shown to us in the video so that we are able to see them at our own speed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Make Promises Happen Voicethread on Ski Trip

I recently created a voicethread on a trip I took with a group called Make Promises Happen to go skiing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Digiworld that effects Digiteens

Digiteens: Digital Citizen Ship by Digital Teenagers was an interesting video. It showed different projects that were done by teenagers having to do with being a teen in a world surrounded by technology. One group did research on how DWT kills enough people to be considered as bad as a DUI. Another group learned about making a Sims type game online, and another group discussed how teens don't realize what they put on the Internet is there forever and accessible to everyone.
I personally have lost a friend in a car wreck, and he was doing nothing wrong when he was hit and died instantly on impact due to someone Else's carelessness. I realize how just a split second of not paying attention can affect your life and someone Else's. I don't think people think about the fact that it is not just their life they are putting at risk, but also the other drivers around them.
I hope that I can teach the kids in my class about being safe with the technology that surrounds them. They need to realize that the Internet is accessible to just about everyone and what they have fun putting on the Internet now might come back to haunt them in the long run.

Project Learning... or learning through fun Projects!

This video shows different schools that are teaching kids in new ways. They have the students doing projects that interest the students instead of making them learn and memorize things from textbooks. Keeping the students interested makes them want to learn instead of hating going to school.
I am one who likes to learn by experiencing instead of having to learn from a textbook. One of my favorite classes in high school was Show Choir, because we were learning while doing. I did not have to study all the time for the class, because we learned there in the classroom. We did learn about the history of music, but it was while we were singing that type of music that we learned the background of what we were singing about.
I hope that I will be a class that my students will want to come to. I want to be an interesting teacher that does not bore my students into hating school. I hope that I can find interesting ways to teach everything that I will be teaching, especially because there are not always textbooks for all classes that are taught in special education.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Opinions on Opinion of Sex Education

I am not sure that I learned a whole lot from the video. She seemed to just give her opinion, and state things that she learned in the sex education class that she took in school. She gave some statistics, but I am not one to remember random facts especially when they are number based.
I do agree with her that things have changed in the way that people think about sex. Many people seem to consider sex a fun activity instead of a way to make babies. One random fact I do know is that people and dolphins are 2 of the only know species that have sex as an activity. I am one who believes it is for a bonding purpose and should only be done with one other person. Consider me old fashioned but I believe it should be something done after one is married.
This video was not very high tech in that it was some drawings with a voice over and some music in the background, but I sometimes enjoy that sometimes because when things get overly technical I seem to loose focus on what the video is about and am focused on what is going on around the video or I get distracted by the song playing in the background. She had her song playing at a very low volume that it was almost not heard. This is good because it allowed me to hear what she was saying.

I did not realize that there were that many programs for a kid to be involved in after school. I was involved in my school, but we had all of our activities during school, before school, or during our lunch break. I think the teachers did not want to have to stay after school, and the principle did not want to be reliable for us being there. Luis was excited to have the opportunity to spend time at school doing things that he enjoyed.
It still surprises me how many kids esp. those still in high school that want to be the smartest and best that they can. I was considered an overachiever in my high school, and I didn't put in as much effort as Luis. That might be because I am not a morning person, so I barely made it to school some days because I just did not have the will power to want to wake up and go to school. Not saying that I ditched because like I said I was kind of an overachiever and only missed a few days a year.
I hope that when I am a teacher I can provide activities for my students to do after school. I may not be able to stay after school every day because I have been raised very family oriented and will want to get home to my family, but even if I am there for them a few nights a month, then they will have the opportunity to make a hobby of whatever activity I can provide for them. If I can keep my kids with me, then I know that they are staying out of trouble.

Commenting on Others

I have left comments on two childs blogs, but they have not yet been approved. I am hopeing they will be soon.
Hamster spy's blog was about sea turtles and why and how they are becoming extinct, and bluepandaspy's blog was about the invention of a new kind of alarm clock that wakes you up by cooking bacon.

I also am waiting on my classmates to approve my comments on thier blogs. I wrote on tnachelle's blog about her introduction to herself, and I wrote on Whitney Willhite's T4T blog about Nifiza.

Youth Outknowing Adults

This video showed me what my classroom as a teacher could be like if I use my resources. It amazes me how teachers can find and use so many resources to use in their classrooms, and keep up with them all. I have a problem keeping up with the items we use for the T4T class. The teacher gave us a peek of what goes on in her classroom on a weekly basis, and showed how hey six year old children learn using technology every day.

I won't lie; many of the kiwi kids can use the computer and internet better than I can. These kids fly through their electronic work like it's nothing. Then again it might help that they have learned how at a young age, and I am just now getting introduced to them. We all know that kids can absorb information easier and quicker than adults, and when I was a kid we were excited if we had a white board instead of a blackboard in our classroom. There were no smart boards for me until I got to college.
I hope that by taking this class I will learn about all of the resources that teachers are using today, as well as learn how to use them. So far I am a little behind, but I am hoping that as we continue in this class that my knowledge will increase and things will begin to come to me easier. I would love to be able to be in a district that can afford to give me the opportunity to use the technology that is now available for not just the teachers, but for our students.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Young Lives Revolving Around Technology

I realize after watching Digital Youth Portrait: Nafiza I see how it is not only the computer geeks that make all of the cartoon type clips, but high school students are also doing a pretty decent job at it. I didn't really hav any computer classes in high school, but then again I do not think they were offered much at my school. So it impresses me that teenagers can create clips that look like a cartoon or video game and add on sound to make mini lessons.

This video made me realize that the times have changed so much that we now are using technology in most eveything we do, even if we do not realize it. I am like Nafiza in some ways. I do not use the computer to create cool clips because I do not know how, and it is not a big interest of mine. I do realize though that I too wake up with an alarm on my cell phone, and I use my ipod to entertain me throughout the day.

I believe that it is good to take what students already have and use, and put it into good use. The technology of today is what kids are interested in, so why not use what they already use so that they will have more of an interest in the subject. For example in my T4T class we text in our attendence, and very few times are you told to text in class but this is one time that the teacher took roll by us simply texting in our names.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Children Benifitting from Blogging Buddies

1. Because kids will typically say what they really mean, I feel that the kids comments had a big impact on the video. The kids told what they learned, and while most of them looked a little camera shy, they seemed to be proud of what they learned in their blogging. Even if the kids did not learn the most important information, they learned the basics of typing a blog. Their blogs were something they seemed proud of, which made them want to work harder to do better. They wanted to learn from their buddies so they gave up part of their recess to find out what their blogging buddy had to say about their blog. Kids want something to be proud of, and if they are learning while being proud then it is all the better.

2. This video pointed out to me the benefits of children being able to work with mentors. I remember when I was in elementary school we had classroom buddies, and the 5th and 6th graders would pair up with the 1st and 2nd graders to do craft projects, have fun, and also help with learning. As a younger kid I remember looking up to my buddy. and wanting them to be proud of me so I would try my hardest at everything we did together. When I got older and was more of the mentor buddy, I loved seeing the light click on as my buddy understood something that I had explained to them. This video shows how even if the buddies are not in person, children will look up to and want to learn from someone who is older and wiser than them.

3. Kids usually want to learn, but not all of them learn in the same way or pick up on things at the same rate. Matching up the kids one on one gives them the opportunity to learn at their rate as their buddy teaches them. The college students matching up with the 1st grade students works out because the young kids want someone to look up to who has a life that they can look forward to, and the education majors in college need to get the experience of working with and teaching younger children. I would love to use mentors in my class one day. I believe that older kids coming in to work with children with disabilities will be good for my students and the mentors that I have coming in. It will help the mentors to realize that even though a child is in a special education classroom it does not mean that they are dumb or fit with other stereotypes of disabled children, and it my children will benefit by seeing that others want them to succeed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cameron the Dedicated Techie

1. What is your most significant "takeaway" or learning point from the video? Why? Elaborate in detail.

Watching the video made me realize that while some kids have no interest in school, others really want to learn. As Cameron is sitting in the class watching the teacher talk about the video he made with the walking forward and backward, there is another kid behind him that looks bored out of his mind and half asleep. The teacher was using Cameron's video to show the lesson in a different way. This shows how kids learn in different ways. Some may have understood the way the teacher first explained the math situation, but Cameron didn't. He seems to learn in a different way , and he took it upon himself to try and find a way that made since to him to learn the information. Most kids would not be that dedicated. This shows me that as a teacher I will need to respect my students and find out in what ways they learn best. If I can help the child to better understand the material, then maybe they will not be lost and get frustrated and give up, but instead they will be like Cameron and want to learn so that they can feel accomplished.

2. How does this video / the ideas of this video relate or connect with your own experiences from your life. Elaborate.

I am not a techie. I have a facebook, myspace, and email account, and now due to this class a blog and a twitter, but I would not consider myself to know much about computers. Computers are very complex and I may know how to operate one to get me trough what I need to do, but I have no idea how they actually work. I understand other things like music and sports, but I do not understand computers. I have had people try to explain things to me that from time to time go over my head and I do not understand, but if they explain them in a new way I can usually grasp the concept just like Cameron understands computers and he can use them to aid his understanding of other issues like the math situation that was shown in the video.

3. What are some of the implications of this video / the ideas of this video for your own teaching practice and pedagogic creed as a educator?

Because I do not always understand what is presented to me in class, i understand that my students will also not always understand what I am presenting in my class. I want my kids to not only know what I am teaching, but also understand it. They can know that 2+2=4, but I want them to understand why. I am majoring in special education, and I am going to have to adapt my lessons plans to fit the students that I have in my classroom. Technology has come a long way, and i believe that technology is good to use within the classroom. Technology can expand a classroom so much further than what can be written on a blackboard. So why not use what we have so that our students can grasp concepts that were once very difficult to not only learn, but also to teach.

indroduction to me

I am rbenge and i am a student at the University of Central Oklahoma. I am majoring in special education, and as of now am considered a Junior because I have completed 58 credit hours. I chose to major in special education after falling in love with the people and atmosphere of a camp that i am a volunteer worker for called Make Promises Happen (MPH). MPH is a camp for people ages 6 and up who have any kind of disability. We hold week long camps throughout the summer as well as weekend camps through the fall and winter months. Camp is a priority in my life because I love the feeling of giving my time to have such a good time with all sorts of fun people. I am hoping to graduate and begin teaching with the same atmosphere in my classroom that I have at the camps that I volunteer for.