Friday, January 29, 2010

Opinions on Opinion of Sex Education

I am not sure that I learned a whole lot from the video. She seemed to just give her opinion, and state things that she learned in the sex education class that she took in school. She gave some statistics, but I am not one to remember random facts especially when they are number based.
I do agree with her that things have changed in the way that people think about sex. Many people seem to consider sex a fun activity instead of a way to make babies. One random fact I do know is that people and dolphins are 2 of the only know species that have sex as an activity. I am one who believes it is for a bonding purpose and should only be done with one other person. Consider me old fashioned but I believe it should be something done after one is married.
This video was not very high tech in that it was some drawings with a voice over and some music in the background, but I sometimes enjoy that sometimes because when things get overly technical I seem to loose focus on what the video is about and am focused on what is going on around the video or I get distracted by the song playing in the background. She had her song playing at a very low volume that it was almost not heard. This is good because it allowed me to hear what she was saying.


  1. Thank you for your imput on this conntroversial issue. I feel that sex education should be taught carefully. I wish that today's youth would see sex for what it was meant to be. Im right there with you on the subject.

  2. I think she may have been inspired by the Lee Lefever "in plain English" style of video making.