Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Children Benifitting from Blogging Buddies

1. Because kids will typically say what they really mean, I feel that the kids comments had a big impact on the video. The kids told what they learned, and while most of them looked a little camera shy, they seemed to be proud of what they learned in their blogging. Even if the kids did not learn the most important information, they learned the basics of typing a blog. Their blogs were something they seemed proud of, which made them want to work harder to do better. They wanted to learn from their buddies so they gave up part of their recess to find out what their blogging buddy had to say about their blog. Kids want something to be proud of, and if they are learning while being proud then it is all the better.

2. This video pointed out to me the benefits of children being able to work with mentors. I remember when I was in elementary school we had classroom buddies, and the 5th and 6th graders would pair up with the 1st and 2nd graders to do craft projects, have fun, and also help with learning. As a younger kid I remember looking up to my buddy. and wanting them to be proud of me so I would try my hardest at everything we did together. When I got older and was more of the mentor buddy, I loved seeing the light click on as my buddy understood something that I had explained to them. This video shows how even if the buddies are not in person, children will look up to and want to learn from someone who is older and wiser than them.

3. Kids usually want to learn, but not all of them learn in the same way or pick up on things at the same rate. Matching up the kids one on one gives them the opportunity to learn at their rate as their buddy teaches them. The college students matching up with the 1st grade students works out because the young kids want someone to look up to who has a life that they can look forward to, and the education majors in college need to get the experience of working with and teaching younger children. I would love to use mentors in my class one day. I believe that older kids coming in to work with children with disabilities will be good for my students and the mentors that I have coming in. It will help the mentors to realize that even though a child is in a special education classroom it does not mean that they are dumb or fit with other stereotypes of disabled children, and it my children will benefit by seeing that others want them to succeed.


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  2. Thank you for the positive blogging buddies reflection Rbenge. I noticed that you stay on topic and use good examples. I can be quite the opposite, one of my personal blogging weaknesses is rambeling.

    You said, "I would love to use mentors in my class one day." After watching this video my views on mentors and blogging buddies changed. And I feel the exact same way. It would benefit both parties as far as education is concerned.

    There were just two things I noticed that may be missing form your blog, a hyperlink or two, and the embedded video. If you need help with anything contact me on blogger. Once again, good reflection :D