Wednesday, January 13, 2010

indroduction to me

I am rbenge and i am a student at the University of Central Oklahoma. I am majoring in special education, and as of now am considered a Junior because I have completed 58 credit hours. I chose to major in special education after falling in love with the people and atmosphere of a camp that i am a volunteer worker for called Make Promises Happen (MPH). MPH is a camp for people ages 6 and up who have any kind of disability. We hold week long camps throughout the summer as well as weekend camps through the fall and winter months. Camp is a priority in my life because I love the feeling of giving my time to have such a good time with all sorts of fun people. I am hoping to graduate and begin teaching with the same atmosphere in my classroom that I have at the camps that I volunteer for.

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  1. I loved your introduction. Kudos to you for your volunteering activities! :) It takes a special person to be a special ed teacher. My hat is off to everyone of them. It sounds like you will be great.

    I noticed that there were a few place where I was i instead of being capitalized. You could read what you have typed before posting to correct this in the future. You could have someone read your comments before posting them also. My spouse and I read each others before we post comments to help us catch any possible errors.

    Thanks for sharing your introduction. You sound like you love life and are full of energy. I am sure this is a quality your future students are going to love about you.