Friday, January 29, 2010

I did not realize that there were that many programs for a kid to be involved in after school. I was involved in my school, but we had all of our activities during school, before school, or during our lunch break. I think the teachers did not want to have to stay after school, and the principle did not want to be reliable for us being there. Luis was excited to have the opportunity to spend time at school doing things that he enjoyed.
It still surprises me how many kids esp. those still in high school that want to be the smartest and best that they can. I was considered an overachiever in my high school, and I didn't put in as much effort as Luis. That might be because I am not a morning person, so I barely made it to school some days because I just did not have the will power to want to wake up and go to school. Not saying that I ditched because like I said I was kind of an overachiever and only missed a few days a year.
I hope that when I am a teacher I can provide activities for my students to do after school. I may not be able to stay after school every day because I have been raised very family oriented and will want to get home to my family, but even if I am there for them a few nights a month, then they will have the opportunity to make a hobby of whatever activity I can provide for them. If I can keep my kids with me, then I know that they are staying out of trouble.

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