Friday, January 29, 2010

Youth Outknowing Adults

This video showed me what my classroom as a teacher could be like if I use my resources. It amazes me how teachers can find and use so many resources to use in their classrooms, and keep up with them all. I have a problem keeping up with the items we use for the T4T class. The teacher gave us a peek of what goes on in her classroom on a weekly basis, and showed how hey six year old children learn using technology every day.

I won't lie; many of the kiwi kids can use the computer and internet better than I can. These kids fly through their electronic work like it's nothing. Then again it might help that they have learned how at a young age, and I am just now getting introduced to them. We all know that kids can absorb information easier and quicker than adults, and when I was a kid we were excited if we had a white board instead of a blackboard in our classroom. There were no smart boards for me until I got to college.
I hope that by taking this class I will learn about all of the resources that teachers are using today, as well as learn how to use them. So far I am a little behind, but I am hoping that as we continue in this class that my knowledge will increase and things will begin to come to me easier. I would love to be able to be in a district that can afford to give me the opportunity to use the technology that is now available for not just the teachers, but for our students.

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