Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Young Lives Revolving Around Technology

I realize after watching Digital Youth Portrait: Nafiza I see how it is not only the computer geeks that make all of the cartoon type clips, but high school students are also doing a pretty decent job at it. I didn't really hav any computer classes in high school, but then again I do not think they were offered much at my school. So it impresses me that teenagers can create clips that look like a cartoon or video game and add on sound to make mini lessons.

This video made me realize that the times have changed so much that we now are using technology in most eveything we do, even if we do not realize it. I am like Nafiza in some ways. I do not use the computer to create cool clips because I do not know how, and it is not a big interest of mine. I do realize though that I too wake up with an alarm on my cell phone, and I use my ipod to entertain me throughout the day.

I believe that it is good to take what students already have and use, and put it into good use. The technology of today is what kids are interested in, so why not use what they already use so that they will have more of an interest in the subject. For example in my T4T class we text in our attendence, and very few times are you told to text in class but this is one time that the teacher took roll by us simply texting in our names.

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